Giant Schnauzer Ear Care

Cropped Ear
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Here are all the supplies that you will need for your ear taping project: Roll of Bounty papertowels Roll of Porous cloth tape (Sports tape can be found at Walmart) Craft sticks (wooden - can be found at Walmart) Dull ended scissors for cutting tape off ears

This is the glue that we use on the ears and the splints: Skin Bond

You will need to use Bounty papertowels. Fold in half, longways. As the puppy grows, you'll have to fold so that the splint will be longer.

After you fold the paper towel in half, place the craft stick at the bottom of the towel. You will need a 1" piece of porous tape to hold the craft stick in place.

This is how you place the piece of tape over the craft stick to keep it in place on the paper towel.

As you're puppy grows older you will have to start using 2 craft sticks to lengthen the splint. Make sure that you tape each craft stick to the paper towel overlapping each stick

Roll the craft stick up in the paper towel til you reach the end

Cut off the excess on one end of the splint. Make sure that you don't expose the craft stick as the end has to go down into the ear canal. The paper towel will act as a cushion

Take the roll of tape and wrap around the rolled up paper towel starting at one end...

......wrap all the way to the end of the paper towel

Now you have the splints made, lets move on to Part 2 Applying to the Ear

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